We provide in-house workshops for design teams working on liturgical projects. We grow the knowledge of your team to meet the needs of liturgical projects.
Liturgical documents
Sacred Architecture developments and trends
Integration of liturgical furnishings, art, and architecture
We extend your services as a part of your design team. We contribute during the planning and schematic phase and help present your proposal to diocesan offices and other stakeholders.
Needs assessment & programming with client
Cost estimation for specialty furnishings & finishes
Community educational workshop
We provide in-house critique of initial concept and schematic designs regarding current liturgical practices and documents.
Critique schematic designs
We are an extension of your design team and design furnishings, artworks, and architectural details that integrate with the architectural plans and are liturgically appropriate.
Liturgical artwork
Liturgical furnishings
Architectural details​​​​​​​ (window frames, casework, capitals, etc.)

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