At the outset it was coincidence that Catholic Cemeteries was introduced to John Wheadon. Over time we think it Providence. From the beginning John understood our vision for the Chapel of the Risen Christ at Resurrection Cemetery.  He articulated this creatively in a design report which is the reference point for all contributing to this project.  John has expansive knowledge of and keen sensitivity to the liturgical patrimony of the Church. It inspires his creativity.  He has introduced us to gifted artists and artisans for the realization of our vision. John collaborates effectively with all stakeholders engaged in this project.   About it, I frequently say that he can complete my sentences. He can.
—Reverend Monsignor Dennis Delaney, Executive Director, Catholic Cemeteries of St. Louis
Our collaboration with Will Frank has exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high from the start! We asked Will to design a three-panel mosaic as well as art for a fourteen-station devotional prayer space, and he delivered.  Each commission had a unique focus, but we expected both to reflect our company vision and mission. 
Will brought a unique combination of storytelling experience, design ability, and administrative oversight to the project. This special combination of skills ensured that the commissions were completed on time, within budget, and with stunning results.
Throughout the process of design and fabrication, Will’s ability to listen and respond to client feedback, serve as a liaison between multiple team members, and offer suggestions on project direction were invaluable.  We are excited about the impact that Will’s work is having on visitors to our property who are looking to seek, find, and renew their faith.
—Betsy Orr, President, Purification Properties at Heritage, GA
Will is one of my favorite people with whom to collaborate. He is an exceptional listener and communicator.  As a designer, I have always believed that telling the story about one's design is the critical method for "selling" the concept and working through the process. I have not found anyone who manages this part of the process as well as Will. He is also incredibly creative and a truly talented artist. I never cease to be amazed at how he takes the desires of the client and turns them into beautiful work of art with a story behind it.
—Beth Trueblood, Interior Designer & Former Principal, Lawrence Group
I had the distinct honor to work with Mr. William Frank in the creation of 19 new stained-glass windows for St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church in Austin, TX where I serve as Pastor.
We encountered many unforeseen obstacles in the project including Covid, parishioner concerns, and Diocesan officials who became integral in the design process. Will was able to juggle all these entities masterfully and through hard work, prayer, and commitment—presented a beautiful series of windows that spoke to all the concerns and desires of these interested parties.
Will’s creativity and understanding of architecture and design were very evident throughout the project and in the final product. He faithfully listened to the stakeholders and discerned and evaluated their comments and concerns.
Through his strong knowledge of the craft as well as an impressive expertise in liturgical norms and faith traditions all parties were impressed with his work and very pleased with our new windows. They are now a legacy that our parish family will pray with for years to come.
—Fr. John Dougherty, CSC., Pastor, St. Ignatius Martyr Parish, Austin, TX
Beyond his religious knowledge and obvious artistic abilities, Will is extremely adept at communicating with clients.  He listens to their feedback with an open-mind and responds appropriately and tactfully, while maintaining his artistic vision.  These attributes are rare from someone with as much talent as Will has.
—Tony Reubsam, Senior Project Manager, Northstar Management
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